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#375 Yin & Yang of Dog Custom Photo Charm Bracelet

Ancient Chinese philosophy that describes two opposing but complimentary forces that together create a unity of opposites.

This custom sterling bracelet explores this concept as it relates to life with a dog. It has 5 hand stamped sterling silver plaques that read, “Angel”/ “Devil”, “Woof”/“GRRR”, “Yip”/“Yap”, “Sit”/“Stay” and “Dog”/“Lover”.

It also has 2 photo charms customizable with your dog(s) names on the back.

It is on an adjustable 7 ¼” sterling silver bracelet.

Substitute sayings also available are “Hugs”/“Kisses”, “Rescued”/ “Dog” and “Puppy”/“Love”.

You can customize a plaque with your dog(s) birthday or adoption day, nicknames or favorite saying. Additional $10.00 charge for each custom saying.

Additional quote plaques are $20.00 each.

Additional photo charms are $38.00 each.

***Size of letters may vary depending upon the length of words***

(add $10.00)
(add $20.00)
(add $38.00)

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